Jetpack Jinx in the news!

On Thursday 6th June, Bubble Gum Interactive’s first app for mobile was launched in partnership with Tango, an all-in-one messaging platform with over 120 million users worldwide. Jetpack Jinx for Tango is the first game for the Tango platform and news of the launch was covered in a range of news sites and publications. Here’s … Continue Reading


Jetpack Jinx: first game launched on Tango mobile games platform

Bubble Gum Interactive is passionate about creating fun, story-driven game experiences for players around the world. Today we’re excited to announce that our game is the first title to launch on the Tango games platform. Tango is all-in-one messaging and entertainment platform with more than 120 million users that enables people to connect with friends … Continue Reading


Bubble Gum Interactive dishing up Cake Bake Blitz – a delicious new game for iOS and Android


Bubble Gum Interactive dishing up a preview of our upcoming game Cake Bake Blitz! This supremely scrumptious puzzler for gamers of all ages is in the final stages of development ahead of a Q3 launch. In Cake Bake Blitz, players will step into the kitchen as Katy Cupcake, an ambitious young chef with a smile on her … Continue Reading


Bubble Gum Interactive leads “Making Of” at Vivid Sydney


The team at Bubble Gum Interactive teamed up with other creative experts at this year’s Vivid Sydney’s “Making Of” series. Jasmine Elias, Community Manager, Casper Smith, Lead Developer and Paul Gray, Chief Marketing Officer , led a talk on the creation of JetPack Jinx covering all subjects from concepts and ideas, coding and development, graphics, … Continue Reading

Space Heroes Universe - Cartoons

Space Heroes Universe cartoon episode 2 – Sneak Peek!


As you no doubt know by now, the team at Bubble Gum Interactive LOVE storytelling. Tales of epic adventure, intergalactic fun, daring missions and having amazing fun with friends make for perfect stories. We’re putting the finishing touches to the second episode of our Space Heroes Universe cartoon. Entitled ‘Rumble in the Jungle’, this episode … Continue Reading

Space Heroes Universe Online Game Super Heroes vs Villains Party

Epic fun at the Heroes vs Villains Party in Space Heroes Universe!


Fun! Action! Adventure! Fans of the Space Heroes Universe virtual world for kids are suiting up for epic fun with our latest party! The annual Super Heroes vs. Villains Party returns for its second annual instalment! This awesome event which runs in game through to the 26th of May features new games and activities for … Continue Reading

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