Bubble Gum Interactive is an independents games and entertainment studio based in Sydney Australia – just a few minutes from the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge!

We’re passionate about storytelling and believe in creating amazing games filled with fun, action and adventure! Our first game, Space Heroes Universe has grown to become the most-awarded virtual world for kids on the planet. After the success of our first game for mobile, Jetpack Jinx, our team is now hard at work making amazing new mobile titles for gamers of all ages.

We have a stellar team who are passionate about creating amazing products and services that our fans love. Our team includes artists and designers, developers, community and operations and business peeps. We’re a fun crowd and have a laid-back office that suits creative and energetic people. We’re a truly collaborative workplace where all team members get a say in game design and development. If you’re interested in working at Bubble Gum Interactive we encourage you to check back at this site regularly. We also provide internships in partnership with educational institutions for students to gain experience so if you’re studying and would like to discuss interning at Bubble Gum please drop us a line!

Bubble Gum Interactive Team

Meet the team

  • Phil Mason: As visionary CEO and ninja Executive Producer, Phil’s created, developed and managed all sorts of online sites and services with a particular focus on family friendly games and activities. A passionate storyteller, Phil’s love of comics and adventure books has inspired him to dream up much of the Space Heroes universe and his out of this world Producer skills ensure he leads the creative and development teams to create something truly amazing. When he’s not working (which is pretty much never) Phil loves spending time outdoors with his two gorgeous doggies Tia and Hussy.
  • Leigh Harrison: As CFO and Director of Business Development, Leigh’s got the double-barrelled job of making sure everyone is working hard at making Space Heroes truly awesome AND ensuring that it all happens within budget while also having lots of conversations with different people about our awesome products and services. A startup supremo, Leigh’s founded and led businesses in industries including entertainment, consumer goods and even chocolate (yum!). He’s even designed, created and sold his own line of BMX bikes. Leigh loves a great cappuccino… preferably on a deck chair on a tropical beach somewhere.
  • Paul Gray: As CMO and Director of Community its Paul’s job to introduce people to Bubble Gum’s games and ensure our fans and players are having fun and feeling happy! He’s often found pacing around the office talking about how to deliver “ridiculously awesome customer experiences”. With a Bachelor’s degree in commerce and an MBA, Paul spent twelve years in the entertainment industry in Europe and Australia. A storyteller by heart, Paul’s spare time is spent working haphazardly on various scripts and stories.
  • Ray Leung: A creative industries heavyweight, Ray uses his artistic powers to bring the characters and stories of Space Heroes to life. With over 20 years in graphic design, TV and games, Ray’s immense experience with artistic styles, platforms and software mean he can create something fantastic faster than you can say ‘blast off for adventure!’ When not hard at work bringing the world of Space Heroes, Ray enjoys wearing a bigfoot suit and dancing like he just doesn’t care.
  • Anthony Tambrin: As our Development Team Lead (Client Side) Ant takes game design concepts and codes them into life. While he can’t leap tall buildings in a single bound, he can pump out amazing game elements in a matter of hours and he’s always pushing the limit to deliver the best gaming experience possible. With over ten years tinkering, developing, coding and building amazing games and services.  When he’s not deep diving into code, Ant can be found putting his creative juices to work by painting or composing original songs and music.
  • Aaron Wilson: As our Marketing Manager, Aaron uses his extensive digital media background to help us introduce our games to fans – and make sure we know what they enjoy most about the games so we can keep making them better! Aaron has spent over a decade working with leading digital brands in North America. Outside of the office Aaron spends his time exploring Sydney’s wonderful parks and beaches with his wife and daughter.
  • Aaron Zimmermann: Our ultra-talented games developer, Aaron’s an all-rounder who is just as comfortable coding up our virtual world games as he is cranking out new mobile titles. An astronomy enthusiast Aaron’s recently bought a telescope and he can often be found at dawn watching planets line up and sharing celestial news with the team. We’re not sure what’s he’s likely to discover when he gets that even bigger telescope that he’s had his eye on!
  • Le Xuan Tai: A master of game design, Tai is an accomplished games developer with a fanatical commitment to zany fun! He’s got the know-how that creates the fast-paced, action-packed games across a range of platforms. A huge fan of video games of every genre, Tai’s always finding ways to introduce a bit more magic to every game he creates. When he’s not working on games, Tai likes to play games or unwind by watching cartoons or listening to rock music.
  • Casper Smith: As a talented games developer, Casper loves to take fun and exciting concepts and turn them into easy-to-play but hard-to-master games. Casper recently completed a Bachelor of Computer Science with a double major in Software Engineering plus Multimedia and Game Development AND he was the Dean’s Scholar! Phew! Outside of coding awesome games, Casper likes to jump on his mountain bike and explore the great outdoors. Casper loves to live life on the edge and has been known to hang off of statues and monuments on occasion!
  • Jasmine Elias: Our talented Community Manager and Social Media expert, Jasmine has an eye for strategy and years of experience in working with kids including as a tutor.  With a Bachelor of Arts and a PhD, Jasmine is a fan of all types of creative pursuit  from photography to film to writing. When Jasmine isn’t guiding new heroes on their first adventures she likes to get outdoors on blue sunny days. Jasmine and her friends love to play a game called “left, right, straight ahead” in which they drive randomly based on those directions. They’ve ended up in all sorts of exciting places from mountains to beaches and everywhere in between. Jasmine has also never lost a game of Monopoly in her life. Ever!  If you visit us you might challenge her to a game.
  • Rebekah Lambert: Our Creative Writer (or as she puts it, ‘Word Alchemist’) looks after boiling down our content to make it truly delicious. After stumbling on the internet in 1995, Rebekah has made all kinds of online communications her main focus, having boot strapped her way from customer service to product design and into marketing with some of the biggest names in the community generated content industry. Rebekah rarely removes herself from cyberspace, but when she does she can be seen writing stories, checking out the local music scene, building puppets and trying to get back stolen socks from her Labrador, Gibson.

Bubble Gum Interactive Team discussing games

Members of the team testing and discussing the game

Bubble Gum Interactive team crushing code and making magicBubble Gum Interactive team crushing code and making magic

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