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About Us

Experts in Fun

Where else can you go to work, and spend the day drawing, dreaming and playing video games? Here at Bubble Gum Interactive we encourage our team members to do just that. Our studio was founded back in 2009, and we've been growing ever since with office locations in Sydney and Manila, Bubble Gum Interactive strives to be the best possible Games Studio it can be and are now proud to have released a number of world-class games and innovations for a wide audience of game-o-philes. We love working with different clients, bringing their imagination and vision to life. Let us know how we can help you; When it comes to the gaming world, the sky's the limit.

Our Team

The People Who Make Us Awesome

Our talented team is dedicated to continuing and expanding our mission. We are a family of creative minds, innovators, entrepreneurs, and professionals in bound by an undying passion for storytelling, gaming and entertainment. Check us out to meet the faces behind your favorite games.

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Our Awards

Critical Acclaim and Recognition

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Our Games



 EdAward winning intergalactic sandbox that teaches STEAM and 21C skills like robotics and coding to kids 7 to 12 years.

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All Stars Tennis


Grand slam action with all your fav Nick characters with real tennis physics and zany gags and tricks!

Wild Grinders


Action packed arcade skateboard mayhem with the Wild Grinders crew, with amazing physics, tricks and moves!

Math Galaxy Challenge


A story driven Math Universe for fluency games aimed at building core math standards for students in grades K-6.


Augmented and virtual reality technologies are advancing rapidly and becoming more dynamic by the day. Even if you are starting with a simple game that immerses players in VR or inspires imagination with AR, or perhaps a promotional game that uses google cardboard or engaging augmented reality?


We can help you build assets and tools that can deliver on a high level of creativity and quality bar.

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Augmented Reality

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Virtual Reality

Neo Tokyo League of Samurai


Galaxy Mid-core mobile game based on a mix of card collectible, hack and slash, and VS Arena battle on Android and iOS.

Space Heroes


Sign up for Adventure! Most awarded virtual world for kids 6-12, with 5 million players in over 100 countries and 15 languages.

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Valued Partnerships

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Why Partner with Us

Here’s a few reasons why we think we’re great partners!

Multicultural Team with Global Experience

Young at heart with great team spirit

Story centric experiences and A+ creativity

We’re super agile with “can-do!” attitude

Savvy with the latest monetisation and social strategies

Platform agnostic and budget conscious

Education design experts in STEAM

Our audience and partners come first!

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