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Dig for Points and a Whole Lot of Loot!

Join Miner Mike and dig your way through endless layers of colorful rocks and gems.

Play solo or with friends via couch

multiplayer mode!

Tunnel your way to Glory!

Avoid falling rocks, landmines, spiky boulders, and walking bombs to stay alive!


The deeper you go, the higher the rewards!

Be sure to collect Air Bubbles as you dig!

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Dig like Crazy in Competitive Multiplayer Modes!

Play in Timed or Race Mode for some recreational chaos and endless digging action with friends!

Collect gems and power-ups to gain an advantage, leaving your opponents in the dirt!

Game Trailer

Get your Dig on!


Dig Deep for Gems and Glory!

Get your Dig on!

Choose from a variety of stylish miners!

Join the dash!

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